We would be able to consider a change of order or cancellation requests any time before we ship your order. When the shipment is out of our warehouse for distribution, we cannot terminate the order.


The money will be repaid in the payment mode/account used to transact if the product was obtained in a defective state and checked and approved by For credit card/debit card/new bank transactions the money will be refunded.

Cash refunds are not permitted for COD (Cash on Delivery) transactions, as we cannot get cash via couriers. We offer a store credit for the value of the product that you can use toward future purchases. The Coupon code will be created and given to you when the product enters the facility.

Shipping cost will be deducted in the following cases:

  • Improper or outdated address delivery, wrong address format. 
  • After three unsuccessful delivery attempts by the logistics firm. 
  • The kit was rejected by the receiver.

No refunds will be given in the following cases:

  •  Used products are not taken back.
  • Products have arrived at the office in a damaged condition when the customer chooses to send them by themselves.
  • When the customer chooses a courier, the package has been lost in transit.

Note: Repays can only be made after the returned shipment has been handled and a qualitative check has been carried out.

Certain banks are expected to process the refund application for 15 days.


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